Inspiring Women: Yanna Darilis


HPW is proud to launch Inspiring Women, a series that will profile remarkable Greek-American professional women whose stories of success inspire and encourage us to achieve our own career goals and aspirations.


Executive Producer,
Director, Host, and President,
New Greek TV

Yanna Darilis has pursued a variety of career opportunities, leading her to success in broadcasting, modeling, exercise and health, fashion, and more. “I’m always open to the experience of ‘what comes next?’” she explained during an interview that revealed her newest quest is to identify a formula for life that inspires herself and others to be healthy, inside and out. “I want people to understand the full potential and roots of staying healthy for longevity,” she added.

Known for her on-camera career in Greece and as a media executive, producer, and TV program host at New Greek TV (NGTV), Yanna explained how her openness to new and different possibilities has led to excitement and fulfillment from unexpected pathways. “TV was an unpredicted career change,” she said.

Yanna’s multi-faceted professional life began in the United States as an exercise specialist, physical education teacher, and basketball coach, with some modeling along the way. While vacationing in Greece, she was discovered and began a career on the lifestyle morning programs. Always driven to achieve more, Yanna returned to school to get her second bachelor’s degree, this time in TV and Film. The result was that Yanna became the creative producer and host of the first English-language program about Greece broadcast world wide on National Greek Television’s Satellite Channel ERT SAT. Yanna also was the MC of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

“I always remember myself working non stop,” said Yanna, who was taught the importance of self-reliance from her parents. “But, I never felt like I was working because I loved what I was doing.”

Yanna returned to the States where she was hired to head up the development of the first luxury gym in Astoria at the old Crystal Palace. The broadcasting bug however was still in her system. Originally, Yanna faced resistance to the idea of a dedicated Greek American TV channel in America, but her persistence paid off when two-and-a-half years ago she and a team of professional Greek American investors acquired the 25 year old Greek TV channel NGTV. Yanna, at the helm of the venture as the President, brings with her a culmination of her knowledge and experience – both personally and professionally.

Her new Project: “Forever Young” is a working title for Yanna’s new book that will focus on helping women – especially those over 40 – achieve a healthy lifestyle, internally and externally. “It’s about your mindset and your lifestyle,” she stated. “How you think, how you act, what you eat, how you live, and the results of that.” This is the formula for life that Yanna is seeking to unearth and share with other women. As women mature, estrogen levels drop, the stress of looking young takes its toll, and weight gain occurs. Yanna’s goal is to help women help themselves become healthy ‘on a cellular level.’

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