Inspiring Women: Lisa Bilyeu


HPW’s Inspiring Women series profiles remarkable Greek-American professional women whose stories of success inspire and encourage us to achieve our own career goals and aspirations.


Co-Founder and President, Impact Theory & Co-Founder, Quest Nutrition

Lisa Bilyeu is the co-founder and president of Impact Theory, a digital media production company focused on empowering content. In addition to co-founding Impact Theory, she co-founded the billion dollar brand, Quest Nutrition, 9 years ago. Her career trajectory has been an astonishing arc from housewife to entrepreneur and transforming her business focus from nutrition to entertainment media. And now jumping in front of the camera, Lisa hosts the show, “Women of Impact,” that centers on all things female empowerment.

Contributor: Frederica Bolgouras

What is your passion?
To show anyone and everyone who has a dream…that it IS possible. Through my own experience I have realized that it all starts with first believing in YOURSELF!

What motivated you to move into your profession?
Growing up, I was taught that Greek women support their husbands. So, when my husband wanted to start Quest, I was initially helping him out because that was what I was taught and believed was the right thing to do! I also found great happiness in being so supportive! But over time I started to love the process of learning new things so much that I realized I was starting to actually do it for ME!

Who has inspired you most in your life?
Growing up in England, Princess Diana was always such an inspiration to me. She was such an incredible example that women can be powerful, strong and yet compassionate and giving.

Tell me about a few of your most proud accomplishments?
Quest grew by 57,000% in 3 years and became a billion dollar company within 5 years. We then built Impact Theory and within 3 years we have grown to 4 million people eco-system wide. But the thing I am most proud of? Being happily married for 17 years!

Was there anything you would have done differently?
Nope! Every single success and failure has made me who I am today. And so to change something… anything… would fundamentally change who I am now! That belief also empowers me, when I fail, to remind myself that it is a good thing, because like in the past, it will shape me into a better person!

What advice would you give to professional Hellenic-American Women today in their careers?
You will inevitably come into contact with people that don’t believe in you. In that moment you have a choice. Let it hold you back… or let it fuel you. Either way, the choice is yours!

What impact has your Greek heritage had on your career and professional life?
HUGE impact! My μπαμπά grew up in a small village in Cyprus and so he instilled in us the importance of family and community! And so finding great joy in being able to build and to serve not only a big community, but all of my team, I think has been a huge contributing factor to my success with Quest and Impact Theory. Because truly LOVING what you do is what, as an entrepreneur, will get you through those dark days.

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