Inspiring Women: Athena Koutsonikolas

Athena Koutsonikolas, VP Marketing & Communications, N.A., Staffbase, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and determination inherited from her Greek-Australian parents. With a strong foundation in Human Resources and Marketing from Swinburne University, Athena’s career spans various roles in the technology sector, including product and customer marketing. Her passion for marketing stems from a deep curiosity about customer interactions and a love for blending creativity with analytical thinking. Proudly stepping outside her comfort zone, Athena recently hosted a live event for over 2,000 professionals, interviewing organizational psychologist Adam Grant. She advises women seeking leadership roles to adopt a “learn by doing” mentality, continually expanding their skill sets and seizing growth opportunities. Now based in New York City, Athena is committed to leveraging her expertise to drive business success and connect with audiences on a broader scale.

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Contributor: Catherine Pinos.