Greek Power Girl Series – Katerina Mountanos

Meet our next Greek Power Girl – Katerina Mountanos, Founder & CEO of Kosterina. She is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for family, living a healthy lifestyle, and, of course, all things Greek.

In 2016, she started Kosterina with input and inspiration from her husband, Kostas (who put’s the “Kos” in Kosterina), after years of enjoying EVOO pressed from their families’ olive trees in Southern Greece. She could never find a proper substitute here in the States for the fresh, delicious Greek EVOO she knew and loved, so she partnered with farmers in the region to develop a premium, delicious Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the US market.

She became an olive oil sommelier and, in addition to learning more about what makes a delicious and healthy EVOO, discovered that the majority of the olive oils here in the US are not what they say they are. She decided to focus efforts on making an EVOO that is authentically Mediterranean, delicious to smell, taste, and cook with, and, above all, loaded with health benefits. This same ethos has permeated all of our product development since, even beyond EVOO.

She and her team go straight to the source for all of their offerings to ensure they are bringing the most authentic and quality product possible. she isn’t afraid to put a modern twist on the classics, so long as the brand stays true to her Mediterranean heritage.

In addition to developing quality, healthy products, Kosterina is all about content for living a healthy lifestyle.